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Constantin Ene Director of Photography
Silvia Popescu Movie Director
Silvia is a Bucharest based film director. Her call for music and rhythm leads her to crafting music videos. A big fan of nature she takes the shootings out there. She may not seem a fashionista but she uses fashion as an art expression. Her favorite time of the day is dusk entering night which adds mystery and romance to her work.     Before and after finishing her studies in film directing, she has been working in film and advertising industry, loving the craft and the people. One of her mantras: Celebrate the now. LINK
As opposed to other DOPs, who don't talk much, Constantin makes a notable exception: he bearly talks at all. Nevertheless, he always comes up with the most suprising and creative visual solutions and also brings a sparkle of humour and sarcastic calm even in the most tense situations. LINK
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